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Heat pump buffer tank

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Product Description

The buffer tank is designed to be incorporated into a space heating circuit, increasing the volume of water in the heating system. This additional water volume is intended to protect the heat pump compressor from short cycling which can lead to higher running costs, damage to the heat pump, a reduction in its working life and lower energy efficiency performance. Additionally, it helps protect the heat pump by assisting defrost cycles and improves the heating system response times.

Suitable for the primary heating circuit of both open vented or sealed system (6 Bar maximum pressure)

Improved comfort levels as heating system can be fully controlled and zoned

Reduces or eliminates short cycling of the heat pump

Prevents water in the system from getting colder during heat pump defrost cycles

Future-proofs the heat pump system for smart electricity meters with flexible energy tariffs

Manufactured from SUS 304/ SUS316L stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance

50mm thickness of environmentally-friendly foam lagging for low standing heat loss

CAPACITY (L)60L100L150L200L300L400L500L
Max work pressure (Mpa)0.6Mpa
Inner tank diameter (mm)φ365φ365φ365φ440φ480φ600φ600
Outer tank diameter (mm)φ470φ470φ470φ540φ600φ700φ700
Inner tank materialSUS304-2B/316L 1.0mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mm
Outer tank materialPainted galvanized steel 0.5mm / SUS 3042B0.5 mm / SUS316L 0.5 mm
Insulation thickness PU (mm)52.552.552.550605050
Rated heating power (option)1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW2.5KW2.5KW2.5KW3KW
Mag Rod (option)200mm200mm200mm200mm290mm290mm290mm
Circulation In/outletG 1.5’FemaleG 1.5’FemaleG 1.5’FemaleG 1.5’FemaleG 1.5’FemaleG 1.5’FemaleG 2’Female
Match floor heating area (㎡)≤100≤100100-200100-200200-300300-400400-500
Heat pump coil (option) (m²)------
Overall dimension(references) (mm)φ470*670φ470×1150Φ470*1480φ540×1470φ600×1790φ700×1450φ700×1790
Packing case size (mm)700*500*5001090*500*5001510*500*5001560×590×5901860×650×6501530×750×7501870×750×750

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Heat pump buffer tank