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About us

Sunrise Sistema Energia


CHANGZHOU SUNRISE SISTEMA ENERGIA CO.,LTD is manufacturer to produce solar water heater system and dealer of solar PV system ,pool heating system as well as heat pump system.

My factory has already produced solar water heater and pool heating system for 10 years since 2010. and entered into solar pv business from 2015 years entered into heat pump business from 2017.

Based on idea “quality first , service first ,price second”, my factory provide solar eco products and services to many countries.my company has already exported to more than 30 countries, mainly market covers Poland, Chile, South Africa,South Korea  and Puerto Rico etc.

Our main products solar water heater system include: high pressure and low pressure solar water heater, heat pipe and vacuum tube solar collector, split solar heater ,enamel water tank, jacket water tank ; Solar PV system include pv panel , on and off grid system, battery and solar inverter. Heat pump system include home-use heat pump, pool heating heat pump,floor heating heat pump, EVI heat pump.as well as solar pool heating system.