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Direct water tank

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Product Description

The direct tank means no heat exchanger (copper coil, stainless steel coil) inside the water tank. It can used as water storage for heat pump system、solar heating system.etc.

It is an essential component for the proper operation of the heat pump system. When very low or no-load conditions the buffer gives time for the heat pump to react and shut down correctly without spiking temperature. In winter it helps defrost the cycle as well.

Light-weight 3042B/316L Stainless Steel Tank Construction

Fully Welded Construction

High-Density Foam Insulation for Minimal Heat Loss and prevents condensation

Include a pre-install manual air vent on the top of the tank.

Everlasting corrosion buffer tank

CAPACITY (L)60L100L150L200L300L400L500L600L800L1000L
Max work pressure (Mpa)0.6
Inner tank diameter (mm)φ365φ365φ365φ440φ480φ600φ600φ600φ850φ900
Outer tank diameter (mm)φ470φ470φ470φ540φ600φ700φ700φ700φ750φ1000
Inner tank materialSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 1.2mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mmSUS304-2B/316L 2.0mm
Outer tank materialPainted galvanized steel 0.5mm / SUS 3042B0.5 mm / SUS316L 0.5 mm
Insulation thickness PU (mm)52.552.552.550605050505050
Rated heating power (option)1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW2.5KW2.5KW2.5KW3KW3KW3KWX23KWX2
Mag Rod (option)200mm200mm200mm200mm290mm290mm290mm290mm290mm290mm
CirculationG3/4 FemalG3/4 FemalG3/4 FemalG3/4 FemalG1 FemalG1 FemalG1 FemalG1 Femal

G1 1/2 Femal

G1 1/2 Femal
Inlet/outletG3/4 FemalG3/4 FemalG3/4 FemalG3/4 FemalG1 FemalG1 FemalG1 FemalG1 FemalG1 1/2 FemalG1 1/2 Femal
BackwaterG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG1/2 FemalG3/4 FemalG3/4 Femal

Overall dimension

(references) (mm)

Packing case size (mm)700*500*5001090*500*5001510*500*5001560×590×5901860×650×6501530×750×7501870×750×7502210*750*7502080*900*9001900*1050*1050

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Direct water tank